Williamsburg, VA: 25 Things to Do and See in the Historic Capital of Virginia!

things to do in williamsburg va

The captivating capital of Virginia, Williamsburg is bursting with activities and sights! Whether you’re exploring the town itself or venturing into nearby areas, our itinerary should help you discover all that this charming community has to offer.

Williamsburg is both a living history museum and an architecture marvel, with its elegant colonial homes, majestic churches and government buildings along with various historic sites.

The Jamestown Settlement Foundation (JSA) preserves the birthplace of America in all its glory. Established as a National Park Service site in 1954 upon its acquisition by the State of Virginia, this location has been recognized for its rich historical significance; it even earned UNESCO recognition during their 2001 World Heritage Site designation!

After an initial admission fee of $9 will be required to enter this particular area, allowing you the opportunity to stroll at leisure among the exhibits housed within. Unlike most other locations which only allow access on certain days; JSA’s Jamestown settlement provides visitors with free entry 365 days per year! Their goal is to provide visitors with an immersive experience that allows them to explore this illustrious site without any barriers – so don’t miss out when you’re next vacationing!

Here is a distillation of the most captivating points of interest in Virginia’s capital city, Williamsburg.

When you journeyed to this historical haven, one thing was for certain: it was going to be an experience unlike any other! From exploring historic landmarks and edifying visits to quaint shops and eateries, we relished our time here with all its subtle pleasures.

Unwavering commitment towards maintaining its architectural magnificence has resulted in several lodgings offering exquisite rooms and suites as well as facilities for dining out. If you want to venture into another world without leaving behind your own homeland – why not consider staying for a night or two?

Are you looking for some epic adventure? Then head over to Voyageurs National Park, which boasts miles upon miles of trails that lead through lush forests, across rivers bordered by verdant shrubbery and sweeping pastures. For a truly exhilarating getaway that will surely surpass whatever expectations you may have had while packing up! Be sure to pack accordingly!

The Country Jam Festival takes place every summer at the legendary Capital University, bringing together thousands of revelers each spring into one unforgettable weekend. With a line-up featuring top acts like The Band Perry and Jason Aldean, as well as plenty of others spanning genres from country music to rock ‘n’ roll – what more could anyone ask for?! Don’t forget about the all-important foodie options; everything from street foods prepared by local vendors all the way to mouthwatering fare from renowned chefs!

One last thought before we end this article… don’t leave without taking advantage of those deals available at outlet mall stores during Black Friday!

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia’s premier tourist attraction, is home to some of the most renowned landmarks in American history. From George Washington’s Mount Vernon to Thomas Jefferson’s university and James Monroe’s home, these edifices have withstood the test of time!

If you are searching for a unique experience, be sure to visit “The Birthplace of Country Music” museum at Jimmie Rodgers’ old farmstead. This serene setting is ideal for listening to the sounds of music that so profoundly impacted our nation’s history while taking in the pastoral view from atop a picturesque hilltop surrounded by lush greenery.

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