Lexington, KY: 25 Things to Do and See in the Horse Capital of the World!

things to do in lexington ky

Be sure to tick off Lexington, Kentucky’s top attractions on your itinerary! This bustling metropolis boasts a wealth of things to do and see in its historic district as well as neighboring communities that boast rustic charm. With so much available within reach, there is no shortage of excitement!

Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll through downtown or an invigorating ride along the historic Bluegrass Parkway, there are countless options for those seeking adventure. Plus don’t forget to explore historic sites and museums – who knows what treasures await!

Are you planning a trip to Lexington, Kentucky? We’ve assembled our finest recommendations for the must-see sights and activities that will leave an impression.

Lexington is an enticing destination with a captivating assortment of activities and sights to explore.

Undoubtedly, one of the most noteworthy points of interest within Lexington is its formidable collection of historic landmarks. For example, there’s the captivating Lexington National Cemetery where visitors can explore the intricacies and history of its departed inhabitants’ final resting place.

If you’re seeking out something more whimsical than solemn, pay a visit to the Historic Downtown District! This area boasts a variety of places where you can learn about American history through music or art exhibitions. Gaze upon amazing collections from renowned museums such as the Kentucky Science Center – one of only six such facilities in America!

Lexington is a must-see destination for horse lovers, boasting over 60 equestrian academies and stables. And while you can’t swap your whip for a hunk of leather, there are still plenty of activities that allow you to get acquainted with horses

Even though these tours and activities may be limited in scope, one thing we can attest to is that riding an emotional gelding (or mare) can be an invigorating experience!

The onsite hotel is conveniently located just off the interstate; it doubles as a spa facility where visitors can rejuvenate their muscles after a long day of exploring Lexington’s renowned attractions

Horse-lovers will revel in the city’s many equine establishments and attractions, such as Keeneland Race Course and The Kentucky Horse Park. For those who appreciate these creatures, there are also plenty of options for learning all about them – from horseback riding to attending classes on grooming!

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