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1. TheWesternBusiness General Disclaimer

During the visit to our website “TheWesternBusiness”, We will not collect personal information about you unless you choose to provide details like: Name, email id, phone number, etc. to us. If you decide to provide any kind of detailed information, then it will be used for the specific purpose for which it is intended, such as answering your query, request, questions for information or enrolling in courses, purchasing products or services, etc. We would also like to remind you that if you follow and click on any url or link on the outside of “TheWesternBusiness” website, then you are subject to the Privacy Policy of that particular website.

2. Information collection and stored automatically

The WesternBusiness website automatically collects some technical information from the user on the website when they visit our website which is used to provide the user with the best website experience. This website uses web measurement technology called (Google Analytics) which provides useful data to us regarding the user behaviour. The data includes geographic location of the users, User’s Interest, Track Online Traffic, Data Reports And Customization, Improve Search Engine Optimization, etc.

This type of data from Google Analytics helps us to improve our web user experience and diversify our content offerings. The Google Analytics data also helps in prevention fraud, identify website issues, improving the security and site efficiency. This information does not identify you personally.

We only collect technical information whenever the user visit our website pages:

  • The date and time of access.
  • The URL address of the referenced page.
  • WesternBusiness URL address when the user visited the web page.
  • The IP address and internet domain from where the user accessed our website
  • The browser type, operating system version type which is used to access our website WesternBusiness only if it is provided by the browser of the user.
  • The Actual file size of the visited webpage on our website WesternBusiness.

This information is used only to help us make the website more useful to all the users worldwide. By getting this information, we can find out the total number of users to our website and the types of technology they are using on the device like Computer, Mobile, Tablets, etc. We never monitor or record any kind of information about them and their visits on the website. We respect privacy for all our website users and we do not transfer this information to anyone outside WesternBusiness, except as necessary for law enforcement purposes.

3. Social media channels and third-party websites

TheWesternBusiness uses social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to interact with the users and content partners. These Social media websites are used to share the resources, courses, services, etc. to the users who show interest in the defined areas. Our website “TheWesternBusiness” privacy policy and other web policies do not apply to these third-party sites and we recommend you to read and understand the policies of those third-party websites when deciding whether to use it. Our website does not collect personal information of users from third-party websites or agencies. We provide content to our subscribed users only. If the users are not satisfied with our resources then they are free to unsubscribe our channel.

4. Cookies

When the user visits the website, their web servers create snippets of information which are called cookies. This cookie helps the webmasters in understanding the user behavior on the website. The website cookies can serve up the personalised content to the users which is then accelerated towards the specific user’s preferences. Majority of the websites on the internet uses cookies to track the user’s activities like which links are clicked, what are the web pages visited, etc. which provides better user experience whenever the user re visits the website again. 

A cookie is used to hold session data or to store data that should be available to the browser across different sessions. There are 2 types of cookies. The first one is a session cookie which is a simple line of text that is stored temporarily in the user web browser’s memory cache and will expire immediately when the browser is closed by the user. This session cookie is not stored on any hard drive of the user device. While the other cookie called Persistent cookies, are stored on the hard drive of the user’s device where they remain forever unless they are deleted or until they reach their expiration date. They are often used to store user preferences.

TheWesternBusiness website makes use of persistent cookies which is used to enable Google Analytics to differentiate between new and returning users. These cookies remain on your computer system between the user visits to our website until they expire.

It is by default that persistent cookies and Google Analytics web measurement technologies are automatically used when you visit our website TheWesternBusiness from any part of the world. If you like to disable or remove the cookies from your web browser, then also you will continue to have access to all content and resources on our website.

5. Children’s privacy

TheWesternBusiness website care about the privacy and safety of the children’s online. Our website comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). COPPA and its accompanying regulations protect the privacy of children using the internet. TheWesternBusiness is not intended to solicit information of any kind from children aged under 13. TheWesternBusiness website does not knowingly contact or collect personal information from children who are aged under 13.

6. Links to other websites

TheWesternBusiness website contains many links to other websites. When you click a link to another site then you will be redirected to that website and your website interactions are no longer protected by our privacy policy terms. Our site is not responsible for and does not endorse the privacy or security practices and content of sites to which our site links.

7. How can you contact TheWesternBusiness?

If you are having questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below.

email: [email protected]

If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, you can email us at [email protected]. Follow the instructions at the bottom of each email and we will promptly remove you from ALL correspondence.

Thank you for visiting the website “TheWesternBusiness” and reading our Privacy Policy.