Transform Your Life and Career with a Degree from These Prestigious Law Schools in New York| Study at the Best Law Schools in New York

law schools in new york

Attaining a law degree from one of the esteemed universities in New York can transform your career and life. Law schools in New York provide students with an opportunity to study at some of the most renowned institutions for legal learning; these elite institutions have produced eminent lawyers who have attained success both in their chosen fields as well as in their personal lives.

Law school is an arduous undertaking that requires not only academic excellence but also financial stability. Many students struggle to attain both. To help alleviate this burden, we’ve crafted a guide detailing where to find the most affordable private law schools in New York City.

1. Columbia Law School

One of the country’s elite law schools, Columbia Law School is renowned for its stringent admissions requirements, impressive faculty credentials and demanding curriculum. 

If you’re seeking top-notch legal training from leading experts, look no further than Columbia Law School. Established in 1901, this esteemed institution is one of the oldest law schools in the United States. With more than 90 years of experience under its belt. 

The venerable access to esteemed professors has proven to be the foundation upon which students’ success lies. If you seek theoretical knowledge while also seeking practical applications, then Columbia Law School has assembled a brain trust of distinguished individuals who are dedicated to providing their students with industry-related insights that they can use following graduation.

2. New York University School of Law

NYU Law is a prestigious institution located in New York City where one may study and cultivate their legal knowledge. Established in 2009, this school is considered to be among the most reputable institutions within its field; it boasts an impressive placement record thanks to its ample experience in providing legal services within the country.

Unsurprisingly, NYU School of Law enjoys an exceptional reputation. Its high standards and rigorous curriculum have propelled it forward as one of the foremost law schools in the nation, ranking number nine on U.S. News’ 2019 list – up from its previous sixteenth position just two years ago!

3. Cornell Law School

For those seeking a degree from one of the most esteemed institutions in New York, consider enrolling at Cornell Law School. Founded in 1887 by an elite group of Iowans who sought to establish higher education for their state, this renowned institution boasts over seven decades of history and is currently regarded as one of the country’s finest law schools.

If you’re interested in pursuing a legal career, Cornell Law School devotes itself to cultivating future lawyers with a unique approach that emphasizes public service over private gain. You may be both involved in the school’s pro bono activities or have access to mentorship opportunities that encourage your participation within the community.

4. Fordham Law School

At Fordham Law School, you can earn your JD and obtain a Master of Laws (LLM) degree. The renowned institution is located in Manhattan, offering both undergraduate and graduate programs for prospective students seeking a legal diploma.

Through its flexible curriculum, Fordham Law School provides ample opportunities for students to explore their interests when choosing electives. Don’t forget that Fordham Law School offer valuable assistance through our Professional Development Programs.

5. Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Facing Prospect Heights, the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law is situated within easy reach of New York City yet remains secluded from its bustle.

The Cardozo School is a standout amongst the most recent law schools to be granted full accreditation. This prestigious accolade was bestowed upon the institution in 2012 and it has been met by an increase of 1,100 new alumni choosing to join the community since then.

Notable alumni include U.S District Judge Robert Sweet, renowned Manhattan district attorney Charles J. Hynes; U.S Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker; prominent corporate attorney Lisa Madigan, and current-day justice on the state’s highest court, Valerie Caproni – all being just a few examples of how this esteemed institution’s alumni are making their mark on society today.

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