things to do in oregon

things to do in oregon

Are you looking for the perfect getaway? Are you dreaming of a vacation filled with amazing sights, sounds, and experiences? If so, then Oregon is the place for you! From stunning coastline views to majestic mountain hikes, this blog post will provide an overview of some of the best things to do in Oregon.

1. Visit Crater Lake National Park

If you’re looking for some fun outdoor activities in Oregon, then a visit to Crater Lake National Park is a must. The park offers a variety of activities, from incredible hikes and epic scenic drives to historic lodges. One of the most popular attractions is the Rim Visitor Center and Sinnott Memorial Overlook, where visitors can take in stunning views of the lake.

Visitors can also watch sunsets and sunrises from Watchman Overlook, the closest viewpoint to the lake. Other activities include boat tours around the lake, swimming in its depths, as well as snowshoe walks on Fumarole Trail or Rim Drive. For an even more thrilling experience, you can book a Wizard Island tour to cruise around the perimeter of the lake.

2. Explore the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a breathtaking destination for explorers. With lush forests, thundering waterfalls, scenic hiking trails, and wine tasting, the Gorge is a perfect place to explore and get away from it all.

From the iconic Multnomah Falls to Tom McCall Point Hike and Hood River Fruit Loop, the Gorge offers an abundance of activities to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an adventure on the waterfront or a peaceful journey along wildflowers at Rowena Crest, the Columbia River Gorge has something for everyone.

3. Experience the Mount Hood National Forest

After exploring the Columbia River Gorge and Cannon Beach, visitors to Oregon should make sure to experience the Mount Hood National Forest. This vast and picturesque forest is home to many outdoor activities including hiking, rafting, fishing, and camping. Just over half of the river is designated as Wild and Scenic, making it perfect for a family-friendly rafting adventure featuring Class II and III rapids.

Visitors can also rent canoes at Trillium Lake or take time to visit Tamanawas Falls Trailhead. The area is renowned for its mountain views and its abundance of water sports like boating, rafting, and fishing. In addition to all of these activities, the Mount Hood Cultural Center & Museum showcases the area’s culture and history. With so much to do, Mount Hood National Forest is sure to be a highlight of any trip to Oregon.

4. Enjoy Cannon Beach

After enjoying the beauty of Crater Lake National Park, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and the Mount Hood National Forest, visitors to Oregon are sure to find plenty of fun in Cannon Beach. From Haystack Rock to Ecola State Park, there are lots of activities to partake in.

From hiking trails and wildlife spotting, to shopping in galleries and boutiques, there’s something for everyone here. For those interested in learning more about the area’s history, then a visit to the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum is a must. And no trip would be complete without catching a show at the Coaster Theatre Playhouse or sipping on some delicious brews at Pelican Brewery.

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