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How Grocery Store Management Software Can Provide Productivity in Your Business?

What is Store Management Software?

There are instances where the need to manage a business has risen for business owners who are sometimes too busy with other commitments to be able to do it themselves. Store management software is often the answer to this dilemma.

It is a software that has the capability to take care of the day-to-day operation of the business. It is able to take care of many tasks such as inventory, profitability, and many other tasks associated with running a business. 

Most Retail store management software programs are very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Once it is implemented, the software will do the bulk of the work, with no need for the business owner to be at the computer all day long. This will allow them more time to do other tasks in business.

Retail stores are mostly used for b2c transactions across the world. Retail stores can achieve more than just earn profit. Many small retailers business owners are still not aware of the various benefits of incorporating grocery store management software into their operation.

These include, but are not limited to, integration with point of sale systems, efficiency in collecting inventory data, cutting labor costs, and faster turnaround times.

According to an article in Forbes, “Retailers are seeing an average of 6% to 12% in increased sales between stores that are using store management software versus those that are not.” If you are looking to save money on labor, cut turn-around times, or more effectively collect inventory data, Retail Management Software is the best answer.

A wholesale expert or retail expert are the ones who provide excellent advice on what to include in your store for maximum sales with a store management solution.

A retail expert and wholesale expert both who can respond to customer enquiries as well as manage the shop floor as required as well as offering advice.

Managing a store with paper and pen is a logistical nightmare. There are receipts to keep track of, everything is scattered around, and you’ll spend a lot of time searching for what you need.

Store management software is a much better way to manage a store. Rather than a big jumble of papers, all your information will be organized in a way that makes it easy for you to find what you need. And the best thing is that you don’t have to spend time creating invoices, stickers, bar codes, etc.

Every retail expert or wholesale expert knows that relationships are key to growing a successful retail business. This is the main reason they invest money in the retail management system for better productivity.

Store management software is a fantastic way to keep track of your inventory to ensure that you always have enough products in stock. It can also help you to automate the entirety of your inventory, including the reordering process. They’ll help you to save time, money, and improve your workflow. 

Retail Management Software is one of the best ways to stay on top of your inventory, to track your inventory, and to get everything you need to know about your products to make sure you always have enough stocks when the demand comes in the market.

These retail solutions are designed for multi purpose tasks. A wholesale expert or retail expert that has a wealth of marketing knowledge and a passion for helping people achieve their goals by setting a crm, customer support, in a single dashboard solution which is a store management solution.

Top Grocery Store Management Software For Your Business

1. Lightspeed Retail

lightspeed retail

Lightspeed Retail is a best cloud based application for your inventory management needs. The users are able to access the dashboard from any remote locations which could be the top advantage of this tool when compared with other tools in the market.

The pricing of Lightspeed Retail software is 69$ monthly. It is very much beneficial for medium and large businesses. It offers different key features which provide productivity in your retail business. 

It is available on Mac, Windows, iPad, Cloud. The UI and UX is also simple to use for the users. You can easily access multiple stores locations simultaneously in a single user system. This store management software is also available for free download.

This is a multi-store management for managing more than one store with all different locations. Product customization features are also provided to the users.

This Retail Management Software provides the users with powerful product tracking, inventory management, order management, reporting, quoting, analytics and different other top features. This can be an also a good example of jewelry store management software.

2. Epos Now

epos now

It is one of the best retail shop management software built for all types of businesses. It can be used in major categories like home and kitchen stores, furniture stores, grocery stores, etc.

It also comes in a free version upto 30 days. This software is a complete cloud based solution for most of the retail tasks. The bar code reader is one of the top key features it has which provides more productivity in the business.

It has following advanced features:

  1. Retail point of sale​​ system
  2. Real-time Inventory management​ system
  3. Powerful advanced reporting​
  4. Flexible payment options​
  5. Ecommerce integrations​ management
  6. 1-on-1 onboarding
  7. Customer support 24/7 support​​
  8. ​Multiple store capability​
  9. Cash management

3. Eazy ERP

Eazy ERP

Eazy ERP is all in one solution for all types of businesses. This tool provides advanced key features which includes inventory management, customer relationship management, invoicing, customer service, sales report, etc.

Account management feature is very unique in this tool which could make the billing task much more easier for the users. It is capable of set-up your online e-commerce store easily without any errors. Eazy ERP manages all types of projects and tasks. It also ensures quality control in all types of features it provides to their users. 

You could ask for a free trial period on the request. There is also a one time fee of 4$ which is non refundable.

4. Zipline


Zipline software is capable of entering all of your goods into the system, and it will show you when stock is running low and when it’s necessary to re-order. It also lets you use your available space more efficiently.

It also helps to manage your labour, track your inventory, and find discrepancies in your space. It’s also very useful for multi-location businesses, as it helps you use all your warehouses efficiently.

Zipline is purely affordable inventory management software that is efficient, easy to use, and doesn’t take up too much of your time. This tool features automatic updates and is particularly helpful in tracking your inventory so you don’t have to constantly update your inventory levels manually.

Zipline is also considered as the best communication tool which could be utilized for engaging with employees, boosting business communication, customer service, etc.

5. Retail Pro

Retail pro

Retail Pro offers all types of users who want to manage multi location stores. If you are having a store with different locations then this tool is best suited for you and your workflow. It is available in Windows only. This tool is also considered as the best tool for Retail Management tasks.

It offers features like Performance reporting, KPI reporting, employee management, Customer management, etc. It is one of the best solutions in Retail Management Software solutions.

The pricing is based on the consultation. You could also ask for a free demo by request to understand the whole function of the Retail Pro store management system.

The users can Utilize Retail Pro’s API to integrate information from their key retail applications. They have a dedicated team for Online training for their product with advanced useful videos & documentation.

6. Netsuite

Netsuite comes in the most advanced store management software tools in the market. It has a huge client base of all types of businesses. It is more suitable for large businesses with big turnover. Small and medium businesses are not considering this tool because of the high cost when compared to other tools in the market.

The free trial period is 14 days only and you can easily explore various features inside the tool. It is not an open source tool. It is compatible with Windows, Android mobile phones and tablets.

The pricing is based on the total number of users you have in the company and accordingly it will be charged. Inventory management is the top feature it provides to all their users which provides overall efficiency in the business.

  1. Full insight to your entire supply chain management.
  2. Clean dashboard
  3. Fast Invoicing
  4. Good customer support.
  5. Payment gateway integration
  6. Cash management

7. Cin7

Cin7 Retail Management Software provides powerful features to small and medium businesses. This software is a fully cloud-based solution for your retail solutions. It offers great technology in terms of allowing you to more effectively distribute your products across different stores. This is a fully automated point of sale solution.

The pricing is 299$ per month and it also comes with a free trial period. Many E-commerce merchants believe in the software because it provides additional features with less pricing options.

Cin7 Features include:

  1. B2B E-commerce
  2. Small and medium sized Inventory management
  3. Payment portal
  4. Reports Forecasting
  5. Amazon seller integration
  6. Amazon vendor integration
  7. Production management
  8. Logistics management
  9. Stock Visibility
  10. Cost Visibility
  11. Cash management
  12. Financial reporting

8. Marg

Marg is one of the top Retail Management Software in the market with so many advanced features in-built. You have many options to properly manage your retail shop whether it is installed offline or online.

The E-commerce merchants may find this tool useful in terms of monitoring and updating the inventory on a regular basis. You can get the trial period for use in your business only with a request. The pricing of the tool is totally dependable on the users in the particular business.

It is built for all types of distributors, shop owners, retailers, and manufacturers. Marg can be operated on Windows operating systems only. It is not available for mobile downloads in Android or Ios.

Top Key Features:

  1. Inventory management software
  2. Employee management
  3. CRM customer relationship management
  4. Supply chain management
  5. Sales management
  6. Cash management

9. Virtual Splat

Virtual Splat is yet another powerful software for inventory management purposes. Most of the e-commerce sellers are using this tool for advanced ecommerce operations. It does not support mobile downloads. The users can integrate different accounts within the single dashboard. There is an option of customization to all their users. 

This tool is easily integrated with major sales forecasting, sales tracking features, billing tasks, and creating invoice features. Virtual Splat worked on different types of inventory management areas which includes unique id-inventory, batch-inventory, and code-inventory. The pricing is provided after the quote is posted with them.

10. Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory Management system offers cloud based solutions to the users who would like to get productivity in their retail business. It is supportable to all type of businesses. It is used by most of the e-commerce merchants across many categories of businesses.

Zoho Inventory also offers different payment integration methods. It is the top store management system in excel also.

The customer support is also responsive for the users and capable of solving the issues in less than 2 working days. Zoho Inventory Management is easy to operate for all type of business owners.

Most of the online sellers want to generate more SKUs for their bulk listings across the ecommerce marketplace and this tool makes the work easier for them by providing them with a free sku generator. Serial number and batch tracking feature allows all the users to track the products in their inventory.

The pricing starts from 49$ per month. The users are also able to access the tool from mobile devices like android and IOS. This Retail Management Software free for 30 days access only. The customer experience is upto the mark.

Zoho Inventory features includes:

  1. Inventory management by business owners
  2. Products Traceability
  3. Estimation of built-in products shipments
  4. Tracking and delivery confirmation of products.
  5. Sales analysis and advanced reporting
  6. Tracking Serial Number of products
  7. Bundling products
  8. SKU Generator
  9. Webhooks
  10. Custom integration
  11. Marketplace Integrations
  12. Inventory Reports
  13. Order Templates
  14. Inventory Mobile devices app
  15. Purchase Order Templates
  16. Cash management
  17. Financial reporting

11.  ShopKeep

ShopKeep is considered as the best software for those retail businesses which runs their business on Android devices and IPad. Those businesses include bars, restaurants, franchises, etc. This is a one-stop solution for all majors commerce platforms. Shopkeep tool is served in retailers and restaurants categories in over 100 countries.

ShopKeep also accepts all types of payments which includes credit card, cash, and gift cards. They have their hardware products also for their users. These hardware products provides productivity in the business in terms of billing, invoicing, barcode generation, packaging, etc.

The pricing of the ShopKeep is $25.00 per month for the premium package. You can also access the tool with a free trial period option. The overall customer experience is satisfactory with the consumers.

ShopKeep Advanced Features includes:

  1. Sales stats and advanced reporting
  2. powerful inventory management
  3. Streamlined employee management
  4. labour task tracking
  5. Real-time reporting and sales analytics
  6. Order Fulfillment
  7. Inventory Control
  8. Cash management
  9. Financial reporting

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How Retail Store Management Software Helps to Manage Transactions?

Store management software is designed to be the backbone of every retail businesses. Whether you’re a small shop with a few employees or a chain with hundreds of stores, these apps control the entire transaction process.

If you use CMS, your employees can see what’s going on in each store so they can quickly understand the location of the products and the needs of each customer. This way, they can restock any items that need to be replenished and they can also help customers better.

It’s a lot easier with a Store Management Software to keep track of your products and to make sure there aren’t any product duplications with your inventory.

A Retail Management Software will also help you to calculate the costs of items, process your transactions, and reduce your workload, as well as providing a great way to keep track of all of your inventory. It is important to have a reliable system to help with this as this will help your organisation and efficiency.

Retail Management Software provides surveillance, customer analytics, as well as a centralized way to manage store operations. surveillance, customer analytics, as well as a centralized way to manage store operations.

How Jewelry Store Management Software Helps You Manage Inventory?

Store management software has proven to be an invaluable tool for business owners to grow their company’s operations. Think of this like a control center for the operations of your store.

It allows you to quickly and easily access all of your business-related data in one central location, allowing you to make quick decisions. It does this by automatically organizing the data, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. Not only can you see your order history, like how many times your inventory has sold, etc.

When managing inventory, you have to balance maximizing the number of items you have available for sale with making sure those items are readily available for purchase.

The right software will help you do this as you keep track of your inventory levels as well as what you need to purchase from suppliers so everything is stocked and ready to go.

Inventory management is vital for any retail chain, but it can be a challenge that requires a lot of resources. It can involve hiring help, investing in comprehensive inventory management software, and devoting time to updating your inventory. Thankfully, Retail Management Software allows you to do these things all at once.

You can save time by being efficient with your resources, and you can use the inventory management software to question inventory levels, compare vendors, schedule replenishments, and track your inventory without any hiccups.

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