Salt Lake City’s Best-Kept Secrets: 20 Unforgettable Things to Do That Will Make You Want to Stay Forever!

things to do in salt lake city

Are you planning a trip to Salt Lake City? Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or staying for a month, you won’t run out of things to do. From outdoor activities and historical sites to shopping and delicious food, here are some of the best things to do in Salt Lake City.

1. Tour The Great Salt

Guided tours of the Great Salt Lake offer visitors a unique experience to explore the vast inland sea. At the Great Salt Lake Marina, guests can take in the majestic views and view photos of some of the iconic landmarks. The lake and its islands provide a wide variety of activities such as sailing, kayaking, birdwatching, hiking, biking and more.

For those seeking a more adventurous experience, visitors can take a tour of the Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper Mine or join City Sights Utah on a Salt Lake Ghosts and Hauntings Tour. Finally, kayaking on the Great Salt Lake is an excellent way to explore the 10,000 miles of shoreline and uncover hidden gems.

2. Clark Planetarium

Salt Lake City offers plenty of family-friendly attractions, and Clark Planetarium is one of the best. With its three floors of free interactive exhibits, educational shows in the IMAX and dome theatres, and 930 square feet of exhibit space, it’s no wonder that this planetarium is a popular destination. Families can explore the wonders of space and science with cutting-edge imagery, plus watch breathtaking films in the Hansen Dome Theatre.

The theatre and exhibits are perfect for groups of 20-500 people, so it’s a great place for school trips or family get-togethers. The Clark Planetarium is included in the Salt Lake Connect Attractions Pass for just $9.00 for adults/teens/seniors, making it a great way to experience Salt Lake City’s culture and natural beauty.

3. Natural History Museum of Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah is an impressive stop on any trip to Salt Lake City. With engaging exhibits and over 5,000 artifacts on display, the Museum features Utah’s paleontology discoveries, fascinating gems and minerals found world-wide, and the incredible exhibition Angkor: Empire of Cambodia. Visitors can also explore the web of life illustrated through DNA, Utah ecosystems, preserved specimens from the past worlds paleontological displays and more.

There are also four cast skeletons of Jurassic dinosaurs and an eighteen meter replica to be found. Plus, don’t miss out on the Sky terrace for a chance to learn about what makes the seasons or how a star is born. With so much to discover, it’s no wonder the Natural History Museum of Utah is ranked #14 out of 24 things to do in Salt Lake City.

4. Skiing and Snowboarding in Park City

Park City, Utah has become a top destination for skiing and snowboarding due to its two world-class ski resorts: Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort. Both resorts offer a variety of terrain for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. For those looking to take their skiing or snowboarding experience up a notch, Park City Mountain Resort also offers the chance to zipline high above the complex, complete a canyon ropes course, or even innertube down the landing hill of a nordic ski jump.

You can rent all the gear you need in Salt Lake City, Park City or Ogden to make sure you have the perfect day on Utah’s slopes. Skiing and snowboarding in Park City is an experience you won’t soon forget!

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